Hostgator Coupon Codes 2019

Founded in 2002 in a dormitory room at Florida Atlantic University by Brent Oxley, HostGator is today one of the top web hosting companies in the world. The company manages over 12,000 servers located in different parts of the world and has millions of clients. HostGator’s service offerings include Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller web hosting plans. Below is a detailed HostGator review.

Hostgator Coupons 2019

Webhosting Plans

To cater to different consumer needs and budgets, HostGator offers consumers different types of webhosting plans. These plans include:

• Shared hosting: This plan hosts several websites on one service, meaning the websites share resources. Because of that, this plan is ideal for a new website with relatively low traffic.
• Cloud hosting: This webhosting plan utilizes multiple servers, making it ideal for a website that gets frequent traffic spikes.
• WordPress hosting: Specifically designed for websites powered by WordPress, this plan not only optimizes the performance such websites, but also protects them from some common WordPress attacks.
• Virtual Private Server (VPS): Designed to help you manage your virtual resources on a cloud servers, this hosting plan is suitable for growing websites with experience traffic spikes regularly.
• Dedicated server: If you do not wish your website to share a server other websites, this is the right hosting plan for you. To put it another way, this plan would offer you a server solely for hosting your site. However, you will also have to maintain your server by yourself.

HostGators’s Shared Hosting Packages

HostGator’s shared webhosting plans are great for new sites and technically inexperienced webmasters. More specifically, these plans allow you to set up your website easily, saving you both time and resources. HostGator offers three different levels of shared hosting packages including Hatching, Baby and Business Plan. All three packages offer unlimited domains, one-click Installs, unmetered bandwidth and free SSL certificate. In addition to these standard features, the Business Plan also offers free upgrade to positive SSL, free dedicated IP and free SEO tools.

HostGator Web Hosting Features

• Simplicity and power — Although HostGator Hosting is relatively easy to setup, it offers terrific performance optimization features, improving your website’s load time significantly.
• Enhanced security — HostGator’s shared hosting plans offer robust security features including Leech Protection, Hotlink Protection, ClamAV email protection, password protect folders and SSH access. Additionally, Cloudflare support will protect your site from DDoS attacks as well as cut your site’s page load time.
• Latest cPanel — HostGator’s free cPanel offering simplifies the process of hosting a website, allowing you to create, manage and modify unlimited webhosting accounts. For HostGator resellers, this makes the process of upgrading/downgrading customer accounts seamless.
• Unlimited email — This feature allows your customers to create multiple email accounts. Additionally, IMAP and POP3 secure email protocols enable your customers to access their email from virtually every device.
• 99.9% uptime — When it comes to web hosting, reliability is one of the the most important factor. Because of this, HostGator web hosting service guarantees 99.99% uptime.
• One-click installs — This features allows you to add more than 75 open-source scripts to your website with just a single click. More specifically, this feature would allow you to do, among other things, add CMS solutions to your existing site with Joomla/Drupla, install the Magneto ecommerce platform, or host your site with WordPress.
• Choice of languages – HostGator Shared Hosting supports various programming languages and modules including ImageMagick, GD library CGI, CPAN, cURL, Python FastCGI, Ruby on Rails PHP 5 and 7, and Perl.
• Highly secure – HostGator Hosting offers myriad security tools and features to protect your website against cybersecurity attacks including DDoS attacks, malware attacks and hackers.
• 24/7 Customer support – The HostGator Hosting technical support team is available 24/7, every day of the year, ready to help you resolve any technical issues that you may experience. You can contact HostGator Hosting customer support via phone, live chat and the support ticket system.


The Hatching Plans costs $2.75 per month, whereas the Baby Plan and the Business Plan cost 3.95 per month and $5.95 per month, respectively.

HostGator Coupons

HostGator coupons can help you save anything from 30% to 70% of the original retail web hosting prices. When you use a HostGator coupon, HostGator web hosting service applies the discount immediately, meaning the price of your hosting package reduces instantly. When choosing a hosting package, it is important to note that you will save more money with long-term plans than with short-term plans. For instance, HostGator’s 60% off coupon offers a bigger discount than it’s “First Month for $0.01” coupon. When you use a HostGator coupon, you still get the same quality of service as clients who paid full price.

How it Compares to Competitors

Compared to similar web hosts, such as BlueHost, HostGator is easier to use and more beginner friendly. Additionally, HostGators offers more features. For instance, while HostGator offers free website migration/transfer, Bluehost web hosting charges $149.99 for the same service. Moreover, HostGator offers a more generous refund policy compared to Bluehost hosting service. However, HostGator does not offer a free domain name. On the speed and uptime front, HostGator outshines all its competitors, offering a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Additionally, HostGator offers better cybersecurity features than its competitors. When it comes to customer support, most of the companies in this space offer similar features and almost the same level of service. On the reseller hosting front, no other web hosting company offers reseller plans, meaning HostGator is the dominant player on this front.

Final Word

To fit different budgets and requirements, HostGator web hosting service three shared hosting packages. All three packages come with standard features including unlimited domains, one-click Installs, unmetered bandwidth and free SSL certificate. Some of the features of HostGator shared hosting packages include 99.99% uptime, one-click installs, latest cPanel, robust cybersecurity features, and simplicity. Compared to other similar services, HostGator web host more features. What’s more, HostGator’s service offerings are of a higher quality. You can use hostgator coupon codes to save money on your hosting package. Considering all these things, I give HostGator a 5/5 star rating.