Natural Ways to Increase Breast Size

In our society, especially to the male population, the femininity of a woman is regarded to be directly proportional to the size and prominence of their feminine features. Research has shown that men find women with sizeable breasts more appealing to them. The bosom is one of the most recognized feminine features and a pronounced shapely bosom, apart from making you a desirable partner to any male, also enhances the appearance and confidence of any woman.

increase breast size

For women desiring to have larger breasts, there are very many ways to effectively increase your breast size within a short time span. Surgery, pills and serum are some of the ways. However, with these methods come a lot of other underlying risks. For instance, should someone opt for surgery, and something goes wrong with the implant or if the implants used were of sub-standard quality, they run the risk of developing a lot of other complications in the long run, which to be honest, are not worth the risk.

One of the greatest and most effective ways to increase your breast size is by doing regular physical exercises. Push ups work the pectoral muscles and hence stimulate the production of new breast tissue. This results in an overall increase in breast size and in addition, enhances firmness in the breasts. Other exercises that concentrate on the breast muscles include arm circles, elbow extensions and wall presses among others. These exercises, when done regularly, for instance 20 minutes, five times a week, are guaranteed to produce optimum results.

Change of diet to one that encourages breast growth is another measure that can be taken. Hormones, estrogen in particular, are a major factor influencing breast growth. Therefore it is important to eat foods that trigger the optimum production of estrogen that will consequently trigger breast growth. Having a nutritious diet will ensure a good balance of hormones and thus, will increase the quality of the breast tissue formed. Fruits and vegetables are examples of nutritious foods that can help with your hormonal balance. Healthy fats, used appropriately like flux seeds and avocado are also good to have in your diet since they trigger the production of new breast tissue. Soy beans are also known to be an excellent breast enlargement supplement.

Adding good foods to your diet will not do you any good if you are still heavy on the consumption of bad foods. It will just make your efforts at breast enlargement by diet improvement futile. In order to ensure the effectiveness of your nutritious diet, it is also important to eliminate bad foods from the diet. Avoid sugary foods and fast foods like sodas, candies and French fries, as these are converted to unhealthy fats and empty calories in the body.

Breast massage, if done correctly is another effective and natural method of increasing the breast size. Massage enhances blood circulation in the muscles and consequently accelerates muscle growth. Improved blood circulation allows the tissues to get more and more oxygen, and as we know, oxygen is a vital element for cell activity and results in eventual growth.

These are some of the most effective methods of breast enlargement. The best way to get optimum results using these methods, is to use them in combination, as they will complement each other giving results that are more than guaranteed to leave you pleasantly surprised.